Dog Bow Bands/Clips


3/8" Clear Grooming Bands - Lainee Limited Latex Bands are recognized as the best selling brand of latex bands for dogs. These medium weight/large size bands made in the USA from medical grade latex.

All bows which have ribbon centers either flat or knots will be made on 3/8" bands in order to have space for the ribbon without restricting the stretch of the band.

For safety, the grooming bands are the recommended method for attaching dog hair bows.



3/8" NON-Laytex Bands are now available by special reqest.



5/16" White Grooming Bands -

These smaller bands are not available on bows that have ribbon centers. They are only used on bows with decorative bead or button centers that are attached using thread rather than ribbon.

30mm Alligator Clips with Teeth - For those of you who prefer not to use the grooming bands, I offer alligator clips with teeth. Just slide the clip right in front of a top knot and you are ready to go.


French Barrettes -

Our French Barrettes are available in 30mm size and are perfect for sliding in front of a top knot.  Larger sizes are available by request.

(The 40mm french barrette has been found to come apart too easily.  I have removed them as a clip  option but I do still have these available by special request if they are your preferred size.  I pinch the back ends before sending them out but I do not guarantee that the clip will not have to still be popped back in once in awhile.)