Clip Options for Girls
Which "Child's Direction" or "Side to be worn on"  do I need?
The direction only applies to print ribbon that has a right side up and an upside down or the center has a accessory, all other bows can go either direction. Direction is also used for felt appliques so they will slip in the hair to hold it back and remain right side up.

Which clip has the best hold? - I am often asked this question and after years of experience find that each person has their own favorites and different clips work best for different people. If you are new to purchasing bows and are not sure which ones to use, a special request can be made to have your bows put on various clips so that it can be determined which ones work best for you. My personal favorites for my daughter when she was small were the 30mm single prong clips with grip, as she grew I switched to the 1 3/4" partially lined clips and then finally the french barrettes. When she was a baby, I used the 30mm snap clips (not fully lined) as they worked best for her which is why I create them that way. Others like the 30mm snap clips lined and I can do that by special request. Please see the information below to help determine the best clip for you.



30mm snap clips - This clip is usually chosen for babies with hair just growing in where the bow is more of a decoration. Either these or the 30mm alligator clips are good choices for girls with thin hair. Full lined snap clips are available by special request.





30mm (Mini) Single Prong Alligator Clips - These clips are partially lined and also one of my favorites. They are great for quick on the go slide in and clip.

1 3/4" Single Prong Alligator Clips - These clips are partially lined to allow them to easily be slide into the hair. They are available with or without extra grip and can serve to pull the hair back from the face. If you are putting bows in front of a pony tail this would be the perfect clip to easily slide in.

1 3/4" Double Prong Fully Lined Alligator Clips
- These clips are available with or without extra grip. The ribbon lines the entire clip giving it a nice finished look. They do tend to be harder to slide into the hair.



 1.5" French Barrettes - This size barrette has been found to come apart too easily.  I have removed them as a clip option but I do still have these available by special request if they are your preferred size.  I do pinch the back ends before sending them out but I do not guarantee that the clip will not have to still be popped back in once in awhile.

 2" French Barrettes - These are my favorite clips for my daughter since she was about 3. They don't fall out but you do need to have enough hair available to fill the clip. They stay put pretty much however they are used as long as there is enough hair to fill the clip and make it tight.


Elastics are used for pony streamers but are also available for any hair bows on the site by special request.